Research collaboration & Partnership

Cellgentech,Inc. is developing “transduced adipocyte-based medicine” for commercial use to treat hereditary diseases caused by single gene deficiency. Several types of cells have been used for cell-based gene therapy to provide therapeutic protein in vivo. However, adipocytes have advantage comparing with other cells in gene expression mode as bellows, and in safety issue (denial of tumorigenicity).

Excellent characteristics of the cells as a recipient of therapeutic gene Viral vector-mediated gene transduction results in

  1. High transduction efficiency with low integrated copy number (low copies/cell)
  2. Good correlation between integrated copy number and productivity of therapeutic protein
  3. Long stability of the transduced gene and the protein secretion in vitro from ccdPA

Also long lifespan of adipocytes may contribute to more extended and stable therapeutic outcome in intractable chronic diseases.
Our “transduced adipocyte-based medicine” is focused on

  1. Congenital metabolic diseases by replacing deficient or reduced protein/enzyme, and
  2. Intractable chronic diseases by supplying of therapeutic recombinant protein(local or systemic) to improve clinical condition.

Our mission is to provide our new technology of “transduced adipocyte-based medicine” to the patients suffering from various intractable diseases quickly and widely. We are actively seeking partners, pharmaceutical companies, life science related companies or research institutions who are interested in our technology. For further information of our activities, please contact us at Masayuki Aso CEO, info-cgt@cellgentech.com.